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Racing Sponsorship = Business Opportunities

Motorsports is one of the most popular sporting events in North America, with attendance and television viewership figures reaching staggering numbers.   As a result, more and more companies are realizing the tremendous potential and value a motorsports sponsorship can provide, therefore adding racing into their marketing mix.  ABC, CBS, ESPN, Speed TV, and Motors TV in Europe are just some of many viewing outlets, including full race internet broadcasts, communicating the message of your product out to an audience captivated by a desire to watch their car and driver stand on the podium after several televised hours of a high-performance battle.  Endurance racing creates a massive potential for advertising during long broadcasts that also include live internet broadcasts and highlight shows after the race.

Motorsports involves passionate fans.  According to Nielsen Media Research, in a recent survey, “fans…prefer to purchase brands that are associated with the form of motorsport that drives their passion and interest.”  American and world brands consider such levels of purchase loyalty one of the main drivers of return on investment.*

This market is a market that spends money, and spends it on brands to which they are loyal.  Loyalty is created in the fan base that follows the driver, car, and team.  Teams with exciting, dynamic, fan friendly drivers like Shane Lewis, who has a very high success rate of podium finishes, helps create a large fan base with the desire to own products their favorite team advertises and supports.

Team sponsorship also creates the most important strategy in business growth - business opportunity.  The racing business consists of worldwide products and services, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.  The business-to-business contacts that are made every weekend at the races create partnerships, investment opportunities, and growth opportunities for small and large companies alike.   Your association with a high-profile race team also offers you the opportunity to advance cross promotional trade-outs with suppliers and partners. You can utilize race images from your car and quotes from your driver to showcase your sales initiatives and performance, adding a sharp, novel edge to any business marketing.

The dynamic sport of racing affords your company an exciting image, carving a niche within your industry.  Your race team can also inspire your associates and improve your employee morale through promotions of race tickets, hospitality events at the track, and team merchandise giveaways.

Becoming a racing sponsor is a fresh, exciting, and intelligent business decision to grow your business now and for the future.  Please contact Shane Lewis for current sponsorship availability.

Please contact Shane Lewis for available sponsorship opportunities.

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