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24 hours of Nurburgring
#70 Gotz Motorsport  Audi RS-4  Twin Turbo V-8
Shane Lewis (USA)
Vic Rice (USA)
Axel Duffner (Germany)
Karl Pflanz (Germany)
What:24 hours of Nurburgring
When:3pm Saturday May 15th to 3pm Sunday May 16th
Nurburgring, Germany
TV:Sport 1 (formerly DSF) will this year report more hours from the ring than in recent years. The report is peppered with contributions covering the many sporting and emotional highlights of the race. Fans can see detailed preliminary and qualifying, the start and of course watch the finish live. Besides the live coverage there will report specific vehicles and participants. Of course, the fans that make up a large part of the specificity.

Notes: The course configuration uses the 4.56 km GP circuit with the original 20.83 km Nordschleife (North Course)   combined makes one lap on the 24 hour course at over 16 miles!

From the bottom of the GP circuit to the top of the north Course in the Adenau Forest, the track climbs to 1500 feet in elevation change.  This means changing weather patterns and temperature swings all in a single lap.

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Session Times:
Qualifying: 59th Position out of 220 car field
Finished: 1st in class

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