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When not racing or testing, you will find me teaching performance driving to Palm Beach Driving Club members as the official Club Pro at Palm Beach International Raceway.  

I also travel to tracks around the world with private clients and aspiring race car drivers of all ages on how to get the most out of their high performance road cars and racecars.

This year I will be driving full time in the IMSA Continental Tire Challenge in the #12 Porsche.   If you are at any of these races, make sure you come by and say hello.

Also you can email me from this site or say hello on y Facebook page.   Make sure to send any cool photos you take throughout the year.

See you at the track!


Circuit of the Americas Race Recap

What a crazy race! If you were watching live timing and scoring or you were watching the live video feed you saw what was an intense start to this race. For me, side by side 4 wide through turn one, loosing a spot then gaining a spot, then side by side into the Esses, intense!

As you go through to the center of the Esses you really have to go single file. Everyone is amped up from the start and itching to get by! Once out of the twisty technical section it opens up to a hard braking zone. You have to pick your place very carefully here on the first lap as you want to set yourself up for a great exit onto the back straight but also not get jammed up with someone diving to the apex for a hail mary pass. I chose the middle of the two making sure no one got on the inside of me but really working for a good exit. I was lined up tight on the exit, full power down with my only thought of tucking in behind to get a draft onto the long back straight. Of course so did almost everyone else out there which is one of the reasons this series is so competitive! I was focused on one of the Nissans that was directly to my left exiting the corner. He was side by side with another car so I knew the two of them would make a big hole in the air and thats exactly where I wanted to be. I am now tucked in tight behind this huge pack hauling down the back straight! Then just before the heavy breaking zone into the left hander I see that same Nissan move right very suddenly. Odd place to try and pass I am thinking as you would normally want the inside to the corner? Then I realize he isn't trying to pass, he can't stop! Just before I get on the brakes I see that it looks like he is actually accelerating while the rest of us are braking at over 150 mikes per hour! I don't know exactly what happened to him but I can tell you I felt his panic and horror as he tried to scrub off any speed he could before he a skipped directly over the gravel trap and hard into the barriers! Wow it was a really hard hit! The race went immediately full course yellow and the field started to slow down and pack up. Ok everyone but one particular bone head driver....

Now get this. Huge crash that everyone sees. Yellow flags everywhere. Waving double yellow flags everywhere. We actually have a light that's in the car that is referred to as the "Delphi" light as they are the company that designed it. It is a very bright flashing yellow light that comes on the dash, right in front of the driver when a full course caution comes out. Big flashing yellow light in front of your face. So now get this. Big crash, yellow flags, crews tell everyone over the radio full course yellow, Delphi lights are all on every car. We have gone through three full corners after the crash and all the warnings. Three full corners after all of this and then the driver of one of the Rebel Rock Porsches drills me in the back bumper! I mean like a stupid teenage school child texting and drinking while driving bone head move! Hits me so hard that it spins me sides ways out onto the grass and careening toward the wall! I am now dead last with a busted up exhaust and pieces of my rear bumper hanging half off.

I love the Rebel Rock guys. I really do. Class act everyone of them from the owners, to the engineers, all the way down to the very last crew member. Love these guys. I don't who was their driver in the car that hit me, under yellow!!! have I mentioned many times! But they need to take him out to the Texas wood shed and straighten that boy out. Better them do it than me I assure you.

So now I am last. Dead last with a hurt car. Did I mention I was on row 4 on the start battling with the lead group before this? Ok Ok you can see I am still a little peeved....

Anyway, dead last. The full course caution is still out and it looks like it will take many laps to get it cleaned up and the crash barriers repaired after the horrific incident with the Nissan. I radio to the crew what happened to me and I drive down the front straight close to the pit wall so they can asses the damage. Doesn't look bad enough to pit but not pretty looking that's for sure.

Finally we are about to go back to green. I am so far back that I can't even see the leaders going onto the front straight for the restart. I round the corner onto the front straight with the main field almost already to turn one. Focus, I must focus on what I can do, what I can control and getting back to my job as a race car driver. While I may not be in the front any longer my job is to find a way back to the front.

It's not easy passing at this track. Every move has to be thought out well ahead of time. I tuck in behind the pack going into turn one. Last minute pop out onto the left side of the braking zone and set myself up for the first pass. Got it. I now have to be patient through the Esses, get a good launch onto the short straight and NOW! Got another one. Tuck in as quick as I can , draft draft draft, inside move and NOW! One more down. Many more to go. I know it's going to get much tougher as I try and move up through the field but I am feeling confident and feeling good.

As I set myself up for hopefully another pass I run wide through the corner. Then wide again through the next. What's up with me here? Focus. Could I have used up my tires that fast working my way through the field? No way I am thinking. Or at least I certainly hope I hadn't as it would make for a very long race to come.

Then as I am gathering everything up I get a warning light on the dash for low water pressure. I quickly hit the reset button thinking it was just a fluke. Then it comes on again a comer later. Then it hits me. Like one of those puzzles you may be working on for some time and then it all suddenly comes together. Lack of grip, hanging onto what I think is overheated tires, warming lights on the dash for low water pressure and now possible overheating.... I am loosing water somewhere. Somewhere slowly but I bet it's leaking out onto the tires! That hit from behind must have broken something in the water system that didn't show up until now.

I radio the crew and tell them what I think is happening. They tell me to keep a close eye on the water temp which I was already focused on. Then the temps start to climb. Dang it sometimes I hate being right. I check my mirrors and try and slow down out of the way and get back to the pits. The crew immediately jumps over the wall to asses the possible problem. The car is low on water for sure and they do their best to find the leak and get water back into the car. But it's hot. Really really hot! As the leaders go by the front straight I am now a lap down, then two. The team still wants to try and get the car back out so I sit tight and get ready no matter what. I make a few out laps and in laps trying to purge the system of air that's trapped inside. Every time coming back to the pits for more water.

But now we are several laps down and we just can't get the car cool enough to get enough water in. It's time to call it. Time of death.... not really sure but it was way too soon for such a great car.

So I slowly drive back down put lane to bring the car back behind the wall. I pass the Rebel Rocks team pit and can't look their way...

I want to thank my Bodymotion team for all their effort and hard work. I feel so bad for my co driver that didn't get a single race lap in. Fortunately he is driving a GTD Porsche in tomorrow's race and I wish him the best of luck. He deserves it for sure.

I understand the driver of the Nissan is ok. We are all so glad for that.

Now for a change into dry cloths and into Austin to grab some food before heading out on a plane tonight off to my next adventure.

All the time looking for a wood shed out the corner of my eye .

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